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Line of Sight is a next-gen FPS online game that features many unique and innovated systems, not found in other similar games.

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  • Hi, Guys,
    We are going to have a server maintenance for this week.

    We introduced the new modeless Matchmaking last patch but it was rather difficult to get it properly tested. The reason is partly that we have fewer players to participate and its modeless(non-intrusive) workflow was not very encouraging for users to participate. To increase the chance of MM, we propose the following changes.

    When you accept MM invitation, you will go to MM "Wait Others to Join" menu.
    When there aren't enough players to join, it will send additional invitations up to three times to users in the Wait Queue, assuming there are users in the Wait Queue. And each time when it sends the invitations, we increase JoinBonus so that users will remain in the Join Menu.

    That's it for now! We really hope it works better this time. Once it's proven that it works well, we will include more mode and parties. So please have little patience.

    Other changes: "Quick Match" and "Server Browser" buttons will be disabled while loading data. (Some thought that unresponsiveness to the button click was a bug and to make it clear, the buttons disabled while it's loading data)